Saturday, December 24, 2016

Pre-written hashtags to promote in Instagram.

Do you use instagram? I do not but I keep myself updated by reading all about the usage of Instagram by a blogger. I like Pinterest and I will stick with it as far as promoting my blog posts in visual social media.

Oh yes, I use hashtags in Pinterest, twitter and FB though not very frequently. I think I am yet to learn how to effectively write hashtags. I must admit I would welcome pre-written hashtags on specific niches.

The titled blog post that I stumbled onto in Pinterest is all bout pre-written hashtags (50 hashtags) are on "Life Style".

I poured over the list but I did not found much that I would use if I ever publish a relevant blog post .
Moreover, as I said, I am not using Instagram as of now.

Please visit Hashtags to promote in Instagram

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