Monday, January 30, 2017

Hey bloggers, where did the Stumble Upon go?

Stumble Upon-one of the best community of Interneters in the yesteryears but not used much at present due to the astronomical growth of Facebook and Pinterest. Around 2006 or 2007, I too used to linger around Stumble Upon, do same blog post sharing but mostly stumbling fellow bloggers' shares on it and I liked to linger around Stumble Upon for a long time each day.

If you ask me if it brought new visitor ro my site, I would say I do not know because there were no real ways to track. Nevertheless, it was fun Stumbling.

Recently, I found out a Pinterest post meant for bloggers. It taught us bloggers on how to use Stumble Upon to drive visitors to your blog posts.

Before I could seriously go through the blog post, I thought I would visit the site first but strangely, the site took me to I was bewildered. I tried again but met with the same results.

Hey bloggers, where did the Stumble Upon go?

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