Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Why the Quincy Jones headphones are the best in the world?

I must admit I did not know much about quincy jones headphones till a few years ago but I have experienced the real ‘sound’ through them when my son first bought it from guitar center (his bookmarked site for all his guitar needs). Oh man, how I enjoyed listening to Santana and Carpenters listening through one of the Quincy Jones series of headphones.
Quincy Jones headphones

Only much later, I happened to listen to Quincy Jones’s own albums (by that time he already became an American icon in the music world) that include the ‘Thriller’ (yes, Michael Jackson’s Thriller).

Guitar Center says he has won 27 GRAMMY awards!

The ‘Q' as he is popularly known is the most revered upon man by the music lovers.
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