Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Selling custom adbloks on your blog.:

Even though I have been earning money from my blogs by selling ad space since 2006, only of late I realized that customizing ‘adblocks’ to different brands is essential for higher remuneration.

I read that when choosing a well known brand to associate with, I must given the best of my site’s space and I must be ready to think out of the box (literally) to customize the ad size that is different from the traditional sizes.

I got the point! Did you?

I tried it and made my sponsor very happy. I did it as a consultant to one of my clients. Do you what?  That happy advertiser spread the word and my client’s wallet bulged.

(Mine too of course)

You can manage your web advertisement space on your own. I know there are plugins too but I prefer do it manually.

 Custom ad space is best sold on blogs than static sites.  These days you can drive a real hard bargain with the advertisers considering what your ad space can deliver to them.

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