Monday, April 17, 2017

Is Spencer Stuart is looking for you?

My wife's motherly duties extend beyond the kitchen most of the time. However,  kitchen takes a back seat and her top priority seems to be always centered on meeting the demands of her son.

Looking back, when my son got his engineering degree in computer science, I remember him saying that Ihe would like to be spotted by Dennis Carey. .

I am sure many aspiring youth would like to be in the good books of Dennis Carey as he is the vice-chairman of Spencer Stuart U.S., one of the highly reputed head hunting firms in America.

Spencer Stuart U.S. - their eye for spotting, checking, analyzing and filtering the proper candidates for high end management positions is legendary. That’s why, they are the most sought after H.R. firm in the world.

I read in a news story published in Business Week that Tyco International Inc, a 22 billion dollar company is the latest client of Stuart Spencer.

I know my son is determined to work hard and attract the attention Dennis Carey one day.
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