Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Earn by placing text links in your blog.

Yesterday, I stumbled on to a great website that offers money to place a text link of one of their clients’ in your blog.

I repeat mate, it is only a static html link; no graphics or java script. You are paid just to place a link and let it remain there till the contract period ends.

No pay per click or pay per impression criteria.You are paid instantly though paypal the moment the link is live.All of the links and related sites are to reputable finance web pages, with no illegal or obscene content.

Money4Blogs is run by Mike Day of Endsleigh Insurance, a UK based insurance company. The text links they buy are used to promote Endsleigh and other websites owned by The Endsleigh Group.

Acknowledgement: I was just offered $100 Read the full article here.
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