Monday, November 27, 2006

Sell your blog content to SCOOPT.

I read somewhere about a new way of selling your blog content to Scoopt.

The method seems to be simple where no direct selling is required.
Just register yourself in their website, confirm your email, log in and add your blogs in your profile from the members’ area.

When you have done that, the system directs you to another page from where you are asked to copy a HTML code which turns to be for a small button.

This you insert in your blog. Scoopt’s team of editors will review your blog content and if they like it, they may decide to purchase. Scoopt will negotiate the price on your behalf.

There is also a referral commission offered. If you refer a friend to Scoopt, they will pay you 10% commission whenever they sell one of their pictures or video; a sort of commercial agent for your blog.

ScooptWords is working with Creative Commons to help you license your blog for both commercial and non-commercial use. So they recommend you to display both the ScooptWords button and the Creative Commons button.

They say that if you have a ScooptWords button prominently displayed on your blog and somebody copies your words for commercial use, they will fight for payment.
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