Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A big box of widgets.

Until recently, I did not even knew the meaning of widgets and how one use it in their websites or blogs.

Blog Carnival's widget was the first one I think from which I could deduce the usefulness of widgets(see at the right).

Now I am really fascinated by widgets and here is one widget box that I bookmarked.
Widgetbox is a directory and syndication platform for web widgets for blogs and other web pages. Their widgets work with TypePad, WordPress, Blogger, MySpace as well as most other blogs, sidebars or websites. No plug-ins are needed, and they're free!

Categorised under communications, blogosphere, fun and games, media etc, the widgets listed are fantastic and useful too. Just have a look at this widget that can display a slideshow of Widgetbox's Latest Widgets on your blog. These are the Latest Widgets as shown on the front door of Widgetbox.

I read some of the press releases about widget box and could see they are now very popular in cyber space.
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