Monday, March 19, 2007

Sponsored Reviews hires Bloggers.

Only today morning I subscribed to a Google Alert service on topic 'Paid to blog'.

Just after a few hours, I received an alert from Google from which I came to know about Sponsored Reviews which is like Pay per post and blogitive pays bloggers to make a blog post about their clients' website.

It is no miracle that I keep finding such opportunities because I am guided by the laws of attractions. I have been blogging since 2005 and I have been supported by other such players in the field that include,, pay per post, Blogsvertise and a few more.

Sponsored Reviews invites bloggers to write paid reviews for products, services, and website on behalf of their clients. Avtually, their corporate clients engage the services of sponsored reviews to promote theier web sites.

I just signed up, activated my email and added my blogs. An unique feature in this process that I notices was that the submitted blog gets a rating based on Technorati, Alexa and the rating is displayed beside the blogs.

Also, based the rating, sponsored reviews suggest a fair price to charge per post and out of which they take away 35%.

Sponsored Reviews enables blog authors to browse advertisers seeking reviews to post in their blogs. This allows us the opportunity to select from the available opportunities that we are comfortable writing about.

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