Saturday, April 07, 2007

Have you added your blog?

Believe me, I have received a few extra visitors to this blog and I hope some of them may cease to become extra visitors and become regular visitors.

I owe my gratitude to Fuel My Blog for this slight increase in traffic.

Their landing page explains it all. Segregated in to a few major categories, it shows the image of the blogs and when the mouse is moved about, it displays what is the blog about.

When you click on the image, it gives you the options to rate the blog and view it also. One can see how many votes that blog has received and then decide to view that blog.

There is link a to their forum too and I registered myself there and posted a few. My overall impression about the forum is not that much enthusiastic.

I am a forum buff, I can tell whether a forum is worth lingering about or not. I will not spend my precious time anymore in this forum.

Note to the admin of the forum:
With due respect to you, I have no intention to offend you.
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