Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Connect with bloggers.

I did not expect to write about another blogging community only two days after I wrote on the same topic, inviting information from my blog readers on blogging communities.

Well, here it is The Good Blogs-the latest website that I joined to promote my blogs. It is a place for all of us to get connected with other bloggers worldwide, park our blog urls, interact with fellow bloggers and what not!

I am a highly optimistic lady, expecting new visitors to my blog every five minutes. I simply love to get connected. I know I have nothing to sell from blogs, I only share my knowledge and would like very much to gain knowledge from my dear blogging friends in this Universe.

Their interface is beautiful and more functional. But their widget is not all that useful like's widget.

This is their widget:

They say that every time a reader visits your blog, you will be promoting other bloggers in a block like the one you see above. Similarly, you will be promoted by other members through their TheGoodBlogs block on their pages.

This is fruther elaborated on their next page which says something about channels and slots to select the content. This is rather confusing to me. I must acknowledge the fact that I don't understand it. That is why I have removed the widget from my blog after keeping it there for two days.

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