Monday, May 07, 2007

For bloggers of India.

I have received a surprise email from the webmaster of eNewss informing me that a category is specially opened to accommodate my blog listing.

A week before, I submitted this very blog to eNewss which actually is not a directory of Indian bloggers, but a simple home for blogger's daily rants and raves. eNewss has a simple search which helps you find all the old posts from Indian bloggers ordered by date. eNewss can be described as India blog aggregator at best. Those are the exact description of eNewss in their own words.

Ok, what is so surprising?
The day after my submission, Mr.Sri- the webmaster of eNewss emailed me that my blog doesn't fit in to any of the existing category and he has to create a new category 'Blog for money' and he asked me if I can email him back with a few more of such blog feeds, he will be happy to do the rest.

I said I will not do it for him. So, when I received his email a few minutes ago informing me that my blog is listed under the new 'Blog for money', I was surprised and happy too.

Thank you very much Mr.Sri for your consideration and support.

I hope more blogs get listed under this category which I am sure will be helpful to anybody in the world blogging community.

After all, what is life without sharing.
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