Monday, July 09, 2007

40 million waterborne illnesses annually.

The drive was long and arduous. But we had to reach our destination in 6 hours. But we knew it was not going to be possible because of the heat. The heat was too much that the car a/c was at its lowest efficiency.

By the time we traveled half of the distance, our water bottles became empty. But we don’t buy bottled water anymore because we carry our water filters with us wherever we go.

We never take any chance with water as it gets contaminated very quickly. Do you know that there are 40 million waterborne illnesses annually? And can we be absolutely sure about the safety of the bottled mineral (?) water? Certainly not.

Never buy water outside. Instead carry your own Portable Water Filters wherever you go. Yes, we carry two filters if in case another family on the road needs it. We were once helped that way and we are always grateful for that stranger. You can use these filters when you are moving by car or train.

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