Monday, July 09, 2007

Revenue from Linkadage.

Even a baby blogger must be knowing Text Link ads and how to earn money by placing links to sponsor web sites through Text Link Ads as a market place.

Though this blog is long since approved by text link ads, so far, I did not benefit from it.

Linkadage is a similar service that enables us to generate revenue from our blogs and websites by way of bidding, brokering, and exchanging text advertisements. (gratitude to

Linkadage is useful to us (bloggers) in several ways. I am of the opinion that this is by far the best market place for bloggers, webmasters and advertisers.

LinkAdage Auctions:
Here you can bid on the links you need or if you have space on a great website you can sell text link ads on your website through auctions and make some money on your website. Find great values on one way links.

LinkAdage Brokerage: Though their exclusive partnership with Text Link Ads, Inc., webmasters that don’t wish to use the auctions can buy and sell website links through a top notch full service text link brokerage.

LinkAdage Exchange: Reciprocal text links should be part of any link campaign and we offer the webs highest quality link exchange specifically designed for easy and secure trading top quality relevant text links.

LinkAdage Link Exchange Forum: For those who would prefer manually trade text links with other LinkAdage members, there is a Link Exchange forum that we can make use of.

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