Monday, July 02, 2007

The bag full of 5$.

Every 5 dollar bill adds up and I counted it to be over 300. But I had to be satisfied with counting only.

Money is a mirage as of now but will certainly turn true. The 'Time' is standing between mirage and reality.

Now I started adding more 5$ bills today with the first assignment from a new company having been completed already. With eight sources active and two almost dead, I am busy everyday blogging for passion and the money tags along.

I cannot report much success other forms of earning such text ads, feed ads and banner ads.
The PPC income is known to come in trickles but, yes, it literally trickles. It is ok, as long as something is coming in, I am happy.

I have completely retired from HYIP. All my e-currencies show nil balance.
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