Monday, July 02, 2007

Mental suicide.

The act of suicide not necessarily means taking one’s life. Though some may decide to commit suicide at the spur of the moment, many would have killed themselves at their mind before the physical act.

Driven by self pity, people first get addicted to intoxication by using every other known means; they then slowly sink in to destructive though patterns which is more harmful than the intake of alcohol.

Such people don’t respond to any kind of addiction treatment because their mind is too deeply programmed by negative thoughts that they reuse to cooperate with treatments of psychotherapy.

Cliffside Malibu a residential rehabilitation center use cognitive behavioral therapy on these patients. In this process, therapists first identify the affected persons’ thoughts that emanate from their mind and teach them to unlearn this habit. Individuals then learn to replace negative automatic thoughts with more positive and life affirming thoughts.

Relaxation and distraction techniques are commonly used in cognitive behavioral therapy. CBT is widely accepted as cost-effective psychotherapy for many disorders.

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