Monday, July 02, 2007

Is your blog in space?

There is a search engine named JDGO.
The reason for the name is unknown to me but not that I am really bothered. My only intention is to use it like any other search engine.

Just out of academic interest, I keyed in 'Blog Avenues' and hit search. Hmmm..., the results came quickly and there it was, my blog was at the top of the search results. Hi hi, there were only 12 results.

I clicked on one of the links in the search results that seemed familiar titled 'My space in space'

Then only I remembered the free service by Pay Per Post (PPP). You can submit your blog's feed to be let in to space- I think it refers to the world of search engines. I submitted this blog's feed sometime back and forgot about it.

Thank God, I will submit all my other blogs' feeds today.
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