Monday, July 02, 2007

Relaxing Piney Green house.

Please take one more look at the picture and tell me what your first feeling is.

For me, “cool’ is what I really felt when my sister sent that photo through email last week. She presently lives in Virginia.

But she is shortly moving to Eastern North Carolina because her husband’s new employment in Onslow County. The picture depicts a house located in Piney Green in Onslow County.

Though it is not her house, she is captivated by the location and may build a house in such a location and she wanted my opinion about it. “Yes, go ahead’ was my instant response. I could not take my eyes off that place. I set it as the desktop background in my PC.

Her husband’s colleague has asked him to approach beaufort nc real estate for his requirements. Most probably they may already have one for sale in Piney Green but even if it is not available, they can build one as per his design.

I know my brother-in-law. He normally does a complete enquiry even before purchasing a washing machine. So he was very much satisfied with the credentials of Mercer Realty Incorporated that has been in the business for nearly three decades.

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