Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My curiosity matches with Synovate’s.

If Synovate express themselves as “The world’s most curious people”, then they can add me in their team as my curiosity can match theirs (smile).

Synovate is a multi faceted company operating in 52 countries and India is also among them. To satisfy my curiosity, I tried to find out if they have an office in Madras (Chennai) and yes, they have one! And my house is just 5 minutes drive away from them!

Among various functions, market research seems to be their main activity and their job is to learn what people like, and why they like the things they like.-wonderfully said.

Their area of expertise is diverse that includes advertising, brand image creation, call center, business consulting and more.

When manufacturers approach them to do a market survey, Synovate don’t simply take up the task but help their client with their knowledge of the product and help the manufactures offer their products according what people like.

The organizations that joined forces to form Synovate included some of the most dynamic and well-established research agencies in the world.

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