Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Get paid to blog-How much it is worth?

At least about 8 times a day, I come across the Google adword by under the title 'Get paid to blog' or something similar to that.

I had already written a review about that website.

Today, I decided to find out how much they are paying per click and how many people search with the same key words.

There is a very good tool to check such data and it is offered by Techno Bloggie.

Below is their estimate for the keyword, "Get paid to blog"

Max Bid: $3.51
Estimated Daily Search Volume: 159
Estimated Monthly Search Volume: 4794
Estimated Daily Clicks: 2.40 (This is for the top AdWords Position)
Market Value: $252.72 (This is how much the top AdWords Position would pay for all the monthly clicks for this keyword)
AdSense Effective CPM: $105.23 (Assumes a 60% revenue share from adSense, and a 5% CTR on ad units)

I know that Google doesn't give it a 'Top adword position' for all the places the adword appears.

So, they seem to be paying $252.72 every month for all the clicks but they promise much more every month by way of prizes!

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