Monday, August 27, 2007

A very useful feed tool for bloggers.

I am yet to come in to the grip of RSS feed tools though, I have subscribed to several feeds. Also, I am yet to use a feed reader apart from Google and Yahoo.

I find it difficult sometimes to manage all those feeds because I need to weed out a few extra that come in. If only there is a way to filter....

Yes, here it is Blast Feed. It combines several feeds into a single feed or channel by applying a keyword filter. For instance, if you wish to receive only the news items that contain a keyword, say ‘blog tools’, this service could come in handy.

"Blastfeed will only collect items that match your criteria in each feed. The results will be amalgamated into a single file and sent to you by email, Instant Messaging or as a new RSS feed, when and where you want it."-Blast Feed

I can receive the feeds through my email or even IM.

This is a web based service and hence there is nothing for us to download. As usual, we can type the feed url if we know or just browse and select the feeds and add them in Blast Feed.

Inspired by: The Hindu

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