Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Custom made home theater carpet.

When we designed our house on our own without the help of an architect, an immense satisfaction prevailed combined with a sense of pride. Hey, aren’t we justified?

Though ours’ is a small family, we constructed a rather big hall to accommodate our big home theater system with a plasma TV. We could place all our cozy furniture in the hall but we could not buy a ready made home theater carpet because of the odd size of the hall.

After much teleshopping, we decided to seek the help of the ever dependable Internet. As usual, it obediently obliged us and directed us to for our custom made home theater carpet.

Look below what we bought from them. It cost us only $199.00 and it was shipped free of charge. Moreover, it came with a 10 years warranty. This custom carpeting is constructed with 100% DuPont Nylon and stain resistant treated. is a BBB certified website.

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