Monday, September 24, 2007

Protein shooters in convenient package.

Protein Shooters.

In this fast world era, where even traditional cricket matches were reduced to just 20 overs a side, sportsmen and athletes need to prepare themselves in a short time.

They have to be fit and healthy always and for this, they can’t afford to re-build their fitness over a long period of time by undertaking strenuous exercises matched with stringent diet formula.

That’s why nutritional supplements are a great boon for sportsmen. has introduced a very novel New Whey Liquid Protein; a perfect product for people who are on their feet always.

About New Whey Liquid Protein:

No carbohydrates and fat at all.

Indestructible package (see image)

Convenient to carry.

No need to carry water or milk to mix.

No unnecessary calories.

In just 3.1 oz, 42 grams of pure protein is delivered. This nutritional supplement is ideally named as “Protein Shooters”. It is marketed in three flavors that include Fruit punch, grape and orange. has been servicing the sportsmen for nearly a decade.

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