Monday, October 01, 2007

GMAC real estate invites you.

Next to my office, a young man named Lalith is running his real estate business. But I rarely see him in his office because he is on the move forever in his motorcycle, roaming the hot and humid streets of Madras.

The day before yesterday, he called on me and I was surprised to see a new gleaming car. He gave me some sweets and told me that he just bought the car and came to my house directly from the automobile showroom.

It seems suddenly his business is booming for which he attributed the credit to GMAC real estate. His brother, who is abroad, had worked with GMAC real estate and learnt many nuances in the real estate business and passed on valuable tips and guidance to his brother.

GMAC invites every aspiring entrepreneur to become their franchise and launch their career with the solid backing of an established brand name.
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