Wednesday, October 03, 2007

If you can write a review....

If you can write a review, then here is another website that will pay for it. Yes, get paid to write a review.

I guess more than 70% of this blog readers are already doing paid reviews for several companies.
I am sure they all would like to add one more resource for earning money by blogging.

Shared Reviews pays $10 for every 5 approved product reviews up to a maximum of $100 per person.

I browsed around a bit but I was unable to comprehend the graphics. I think the site is not very clearly construed.

This is a Canadian company still in beta stage.

I just signed up and verified my email address. Then I was asked to create my profile which they say is important since users will have the ability to search reviews based on the info, the more accurate it is, the more traffic and revenue you will be able to generate!

Be sure to set the privacy level by clicking on the '?' beside each field you fill up, else, you won't be able to proceed further.

You can write a review on any product. Their forum is pretty good.

BTW, if you happen to sign up, you will come across a column to fill up 'Who referred you"?
Please type 'Mala' as your referrer though I don't know whether it will mean much.

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