Monday, October 01, 2007

Saving money with discount Coupons.

Every academic year has been the same and this year too is no exception. I am usually bombarded with lot of demands from my son when the new academic starts. I have to be careful in not disappointing him but at the same time, I must be careful in spending.

I bank on coupon chief’s offer of discounts on various products. I generally have to buy new software and other communication devices that are in tune with the technological advancement.

Bracing myself to a lengthy online shopping, I first searched for a wireless telephone for our basement. I am given to understand that Kyocera Wireless is the leader in this sector and their products are dependable. I decided to buy the Kyocera 7100 Series smartphone that came with free shipping plus 15% discount.

Our Norton Internet Suite is about to expire. I feel jittery when my PC is not protected even for a second. I brush away recommendations of other PC security software and solely trust Norton always. offered Norton Internet Security 2008 for just $12.99 that is shipped free of charge.

Then I thought of buying a gift for my niece. Instead of the usual junks, I wanted to get her a set of Sherlock Homes DVD collection. When I searched the coupon chief, I noticed that the A&E Television offered it with a discount of up to 50%.

I put of the purchase by one more month to see if I can get a better discount or some gift for buying that. I know will constantly add new merchants and products.
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