Saturday, October 20, 2007

A new Tags widget that thinks.

Jiglu tags that think! Let us take the word 'Think' as a metaphor only or a little bit of poetic expression.

Well, the tag widget is created instantly but we have to give its spiders some time to crawl and get the tags displayed.

You can view a sample widget at my blog Malas Musings.
If I add one more widget in this blog, a long time critic of this blog will literally give a knock out punch because of the length of the sidebars.

I think you will understand what’s all this about Jiglu tags once you view the sample widget. But I don't think it will contribute in any way for increase in traffic.

I am adding the following content 20 minutes after I posted the above. I quickly visited my other blog Malas Musings and had a look at the Jiglu Tag Widget to see if it had updated?

Yes, it is. Now I see he usefulness of the widget. It crawled the blog completely and came up with tags thats are sorted alphabaticaly. Even I am surprised by the number of tags it generated.

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