Monday, October 22, 2007

One stop discount store.

At last, nine days of Dussera festival was over yesterday but the holiday mood persisted in anticipation of Deepavali and Christmas. Past experience reminded us not to relax because these holidays are still a while away. Time flies real fast these days.

So, we sat together during the just concluded weekend and started preparing our wish list. Since it is our custom to give gifts on the Deepavali day (festival of lights), we had tough time deciding on the gifts. This is always a taxing exercise.

After preparing two big lists, we roughly calculated how much we need and what is our bank balance. Our next step is find out the best discount deals that are offered by Coupon Chief, our favorite shopping web site where hundreds of merchants offer big money saving discounts.

One of the gifts that we have chosen is magazine. Since we are enjoying some of the world’s best magazines, we thought, we will give away magazine subscription to a few our relatives.

Based on our past shopping experience with Best Buy, it is our best choice to replace one or two kitchen appliances. Also, we wanted to buy a mini fridge. It may be a luxury considering our present financial position but still we decided to yield to the temptation.

The final step was to prepare the list and write down the matching promo codes offered by these merchants at

Hmm… the final list gave us immense satisfaction though we felt the need to stretch our budget a little more. Then I sat down to compile a nice ‘Thank you very much’ email to This is our annual courtesy.

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