Sunday, November 18, 2007

Build your business using mailing list.

For some people, telemarketing works better than email marketing. For some, direct marketing my postal mail is very productive.

A few years ago, online classified advertising was the most sought after marketing methods. But, with the advent of Martin Worldwide, direct marketing is the most preferred method because their mailing lists were compiled after decades of tracking, compiling, and optimizing data merged into one vast database of proven direct mail responders.

The most common form of direct marketing is direct mail, where the marketers use a reduced "bulk mail" postal rate to send paper mail to all postal customers in an area or all customers whose addresses have been taken from a list.

Mailing Lists that are customized to target specific location based consumers yield high conversion ratio. Martin Worldwide has been servicing several Fortune 500 companies for the 15 years.

I read in a real estate forum that the ‘New home owners mailing lists” sold by Martin Worldwide is the best way to successfully target new homeowners. Their database is constantly updated with over 50,000 new homeowners every week.

Contact: Chip Matthews, Client Relations Manager

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