Saturday, December 15, 2007

Is your blog haunted by flamers?

I get a total of 250 visitors daily to my blogs. Of them, I get about 6 comments but not daily.

Yes, one or two comments are occasionally from flamers. But I just don't publish those comments. I don't get angry over them.

I read a blog post in daily blog tips about ways to handle flamers. I enjoyed one sentence by the author.
"Others may be reasonable people who are just having a bad day when they comment."

Then of course, I went through those tips to handle flamers. Again I could help appreciate this point.
"Be tolerant of criticism.
It’s often said that the best bloggers are thick-skinned, and with good reason. Criticism is inevitable with large audiences. Moreover, it’s healthy for you to not only weather criticism, but learn and grow as a result of it. If someone is criticizing you, take a step back and ask, “Is this person flaming or simply disagreeing with me?” If it’s the latter, don’t take it personally; embrace it as an opportunity for growth."

Oh, do I have a thick skin? I think so. I never react neither positively nor negatively to a feedback. However, don't normally fail to reply back but mostly refrain from doing so.

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