Thursday, January 03, 2008

Appearance score over utility.

Automobiles of yesteryears sported billet grille and bonnet that certainly did not enhance the appearance of the vehicles. They were meant only to let the air in to cool the engine under the bonnet. I am sure you will remember and identify such auto components in vintage car rallies.

Contemporary luxury cars are fitted with billet grille made of gleaming chrome or aluminum that is easy to clean and polish.

Some cars have what appear to be tiny grilles which are not positioned to duct air through the radiator. These are horn grilles, which enable the sound of the horn to be clearly heard forward.

The grille is often a distinctive styling element, and many car manufacturers use it as their primary brand identifier. Do you remember Rolls-Royce that is famous for arranging its grille bars by hand to ensure that they appear perfectly vertical? sells billet grilles for many brands that include Skoda, Audi, and Chrysler and so on.

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