Sunday, January 13, 2008

A buzzing market place for condo hotels.

Which country’s architecture would you rate as the best in modern times?

I would rate all the Arabian countries that sport the best residential and commercial buildings in the world today. The number of holiday spots is increasing every year in countries that include Dubai and Muscat.

Still, the price of holiday rental apartments and luxury suites is comparatively less than the western countries.

For example, look at this picture of Windsor in Dubai, located in a three billion sq. ft theme park. As part of the list of condo hotel market place, one can rent a 1312 sq. ft two bedroom holiday apartment for just $685 per day.

If I start listing the amenities provided, I may to write a 2000 worded article separately. This magnificent building is created with glazed glass; the facade will offer sweeping views of the City of Arabia and Dubailand, the world's biggest leisure and retail centre.

The attitude of the travelers on vacation is changing with times. Condo Hotels in the midst of a big city but still offer the privacy and luxury of secluded spots are the most sought after holiday rentals nowadays. is loaded with great holiday rentals in many countries that include the U.S., U.K, Japan, Spain, France and so on.

Since this a market place, both the property owners and vacation travelers find is easy to sell, buy and rent out properties.

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