Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rear spoilers in chrome.

For no specific reason, we may remember suddenly an event or incident that happened in our life very long ago. Our subconscious mind acts in its own way. Do we have actual control over it?

Yes, we have but that is a different matter for a different blog. I was sitting in my car waiting for a traffic jam to clear. I was aimlessly looking around. I saw a garage to my right. There was some dispute going between the garage owner and the owner of a new car.

The traffic noise made it impossible for me to hear the conversation. But I could make out something from the car owner’s gestures. He was pointing to the spoilers that looked like it got a big kiss by a truck. I think the garage man was conveying at his best to the car owner that the spoiler cannot be fixed and that he need to go in for a replacement.

What he is saying was true. Certain chrome accessories cannot be repaired but only can be replaced with new ones. The whole incident triggered my subconscious mind to bring up something that happened in my life about 12 years back.

The mechanic was pointing to a sticker on the dashboard of his car that read

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