Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another earning opportunity from Blogitive.

I remember Blogitive has announced about launching another earning opportunity last month. It is now live.

I just received an email from Blogitive that they have launched Link Nerve. This offer is only for Blogitive members at present. This means, when Blogitive members register with Link Nerve for free, they just need not do anything else except to wait for an offer because the blogs that are registered with Blogitive against a member's name, are the ones that will be considered by Link Nerve.

How it works:
Link Nerve has a database of merchants. They will browse through the blogs of Blogitive members. If they find a certain word that might be relevant to their website, then they will ask the blogger an offer to link that word to their (merchant) website and pay the blogger.

This is the most easiest way to earn in the Internet-don't you think so.

What I anticipate is a similar action by other players in the same field except Blogsvertise who are already offering this to its members. Yes, I too was offered a few times by Blogsvertise.
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