Saturday, March 15, 2008

Monetize your blog on Advertising Blogger.

I am excited and happy to introduce to you a new way to monetize your blog. I know this blog is being read by several hundred persons a day but very few have subscribed to it's feed causing them to miss out on important posts of their interest.

I had subscribed to several watch lists on Technorati based on some keywords. Blog Monetization is of course the main keyword. Based on that, I happen to read several blog posts pulled by Technorati.

Among various headlines in the feed reader, I clicked on the headline, "Monetizing your blog on the new Advertising Blogger Forum'.

The post says, "Advertising Blogger is dedicated to blogging about the coolest Internet advertising deals, and it has seen some pretty good early growth".

I visited the forum and noticed it to be big with a lot of topics of interest to bloggers looking to earn by blogging.

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