Sunday, March 16, 2008

Equestrian clothing store online.

“Are we going back to the ages of monarchs and horse transportation? Why do you want to learn horse riding?” I questioned my niece rather harshly when she asked for my permission to go on a short holiday to take training on horse riding.
Horse riding? Not a single member in our family ever rode on a horse! I just could not comprehend the fantasies of this generation.
But my husband pacified me and convinced me that as her guardians, we need to show interest in her wishes.

Do you know what, when she finally left for her horse riding training, she showed me her bag of equestrian clothing that she had already purchased online? Her bag was stuffed to the full capacity with horse riding apparels including a small stick hidden at the bottom.
So, she never asked for my permission; she was only informing me. How indignant! For more than a couple of days, I was fuming with unreasonable rage.
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