Monday, March 17, 2008

A flowery reunion.

Generally females don’t retain pre-marriage buddies for long. Guys stay in touch for several decades. I know my husband’s friends are in touch with him for nearly 40 years.

Being a female, I am no exception. In spite of this natural trait, I revived a contact and made an appointment to meet her yesterday. I remembered to order a bunch of wholesale flowers and arrange it to be delivered at my friend’s house. Fortunately her favorite peonies were available at my florist

Somehow I have developed a liking for the flowers of Ranunculaceae family. Peonies belong to that family.

When I reached her house, it was 4.30 PM. Those pink peonies already reached her and I saw them on the window sill. I was sure of the dependability of FiftyFlowers; they overnight express from the flower farms, where they are cut fresh, processed, and placed in bulk bundles.

My friend was all smiles when she me at the door and thanked me profusely for the flowers. Obviously, she was moved by my remembrance of her favorite flowers.

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