Friday, April 11, 2008

Acne gone in 5 days.

I am 47 years now. Do you believe that anyone can get affected by acne at this age?

But I have it. And it is so embarrassing. I feel out of place.

Daily I am meeting nearly 200 students. They all belong to various age groups from 14 to 17 years. I know they are smiling to themselves when they look at me. I dare not think what will be their reaction at my back.

I tried just about everything suggested by everyone that I met but nothing worked so far.
By this time, I have become a sort of specialist in acne treatment.

Finally, I just stared using Acnexus. It is recommended to me by an online contact. It is supposed to say goodbye to my embarrassment in just five days. I hope this is the best acne treatment. I fervently wish it works.

Today is the first day. You all can hope to see my blemish less face published across the Internet in another four days.

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