Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Self defense products for women Blogger.

Is eavesdropping considered a big crime? Then I should confess to my crime that is committed without any intention. We all happen to hear myriad things when you travel, shop, stand in line. I am sure we can’t be sued for this.

But the surprising thing is we retain something we heard and are able to recall it in appropriate time-don’t you think so?

That was how I was able to help a girl student of mine. It seemed she has been the target of eve teasing and was quite shaken and grief stricken. I called her to meet me with her parents.

I informed them about simple self defense products that I came to know about while I was in the shopping mall a year ago. I explained to them about how to use a pepper spraying device in defense of self.

Who knows, one day she may become a Blogger like me and might still need that pepper spray.

The image you see above is called a Pepper pen.

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