Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cross link exchange.

By-passing the new comers to the blogosphere, I am calling attention to all the experienced bloggers who have this burning desire to get backlinks.

You all probably know that getting backlinks from similar niche is very important than getting backlinks from all and sundry. I know we still give in to such links too because something is better than nothing.

If you want to gain exposure through cross promotion partnerships with like-minded blogs and sites, please go to Link Like. As the name suggests, we can get links from other blogs of the same category as ours.

There are plenty of categories that include personal blog, consumer products, business services, professional blog, user services and shopping.

LinkLike is a social networking web site for folks who run web sites. It is a sort of you scratch my back and I to do the same type. They say that heir site is a a metered ad exchange service which means for every user you send to their site, they must send a user to your site.
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