Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Blogging for Business.

Pro bloggers and freelance bloggers for money should be on the lookout for tips and guidance. Once you find a blog that you feel is useful to you, you should either bookmark it or you should subscribe to its feed.

Also, if you like, write a blog post on it explaining to your blog readers why that particular blog is useful to you.

Here is a blog-Blogging for Business that I stumbled onto today. His name is Ted, an IT man.
He writes on various topics on blog planning, blog traffic, local business blogging and more.

There are many success stories he blogs about in the business blogging industry and affiliate marketing through blogs seems to have motivates him a lot.

On blog traffic too, he is a lot unconventional. I mean his articles are not on too familiar ways of blog promotion.

Read his blog today.
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