Saturday, April 26, 2008

How to avoid fatal addiction.

I hate news stories that pokes at peoples’ emotion and make them act contrary to their nature. But we are constantly subjected to only that-stories of vio…, cri…. See, I am not even prepared to spell them out fully.

At a shopping mall yesterday, I was forced to hear a sad story of middle aged father who was a victim of his own bad habits. Oh, do I need to say that he was an addict to fatal drugs?

The gossipers of his story were accusing doctors of a local hospital for their inability to cure him of his addictions. How can they? No addict can be cured outside the confines of a drug rehabilitation clinic. Treatment for all sorts of addictions should be entrusted to the care of specialist professionals only and not to doctors who attend to small ailments.

Oh, God, when will the people learn?

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