Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bloggertizer pays $5 immediately.

It is my unscheduled routine (smile) to do some blog hopping leisurely. I also combine it with reading several social media websites. The exercise is always interesting and useful too.

On Sunday, when I was aimlessly spidering, I came upon Bloggertizer, a market place for advertisers and bloggers.

As a blogger who has been working for several internet marketing companies, this site was new to me. I immediately registered and submitted my blog.
How it works:
* You submit your blog with its description
* It is instantly added to the marketplace for advertisers to see.

* There is no for your blog to be approved by Bloggertizer but they leave it to the advertisers choice whether your blog is suitable for them
* If an advertiser chooses your blog, he will use the messaging system provided by bloggertizer and to contact you.
* Your job is to log in every now and then (of course, you can log in once in a month too) and check your 'Inbox" for any messages.
* If there is one, it between you and the advertiser to settle deal.

After completing the formalities, if you make a blog post on Bloggertizer, you will be paid $5.

I did all the above on my part. I just checked my 'Inbox' and it told me that it has hopes to get filled to the brim soon.

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