Saturday, May 24, 2008

Divers’ delight.


By the time my son left for his swimming lesson, he was late by 30 minutes. So he called up his swimming instructor and asked him if it is okay to come late. But his instructor told him it is not alright and asked him to come the next day.

His delay was caused by a web site that refused to open because nearly 25 lakh students tried to access it to see their result.

Well, finally, the web site opened and the results showed that my son got through his final year with 78%. We were all happy and elated. My son jumped with sheer joy that he didn’t notice the new diver’s watch that I bought for him a weeks ago.

Since he saw the iwc watches in a gadgets magazine, he wanted one. He wanted the aquatimer automatic that is specially made for divers because it can withstand extreme pressure conditions under water.

May be I should tell you a little bit about IWC Aquatimer Automatic. When IWC first took the plunge with its diver's watches, only a few pioneers such as Jacques-Yves Cousteau or Hans Hass had discovered the beauty.

IWC watches are made in small quantities only but they are high precision watches.

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