Monday, May 26, 2008

Get your own crawler. Promote your blog.

It is something like this. Your blog is allotted a crawling robo. Where you go in the web, it follows you.

It then remembers your basic interest in the Internet. It then goes on his own for a while, crawls the web and bring you visitors to your blog. Those visitors obviously visited the websites you have also visited.

Isn't that a genius concept in Internet marketing. I salute the man/woman who has conceived the idea. It is truly creative.

Go to and first read 'how it works in detail'.
To quote them:
"You create a Scout that will walk all over the Internet for you, searching and indexing interesting websites while in the meantime he promotes your own website."

This can be a potential platform for bloggers to promote their blogs. This can evolve in to a great blogging community.

This is very young and it needs a push from us. Will you?
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