Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lucrative Blogging.

Do you remember my blog post on Bloggertizer, a paid to blog market place? Ell, they paid me $5 for writing about them. Very prompt payment as promised.

I was reading their blog and was impressed with the content and hence I subscribed to its feed.

In today’s feed was a title, “Lucrative Blogging” and that provoked my interest. I clicked on the title and read the article fully. But I didn’t find anything that seemed lucrative to me but I think it is meant for beginners in the blogosphere.

I meant to write here that their blog contains plenty to read and bloggers (yes, beginners) should visit the blog often.

For example, here is blog post on ‘How to start a blog and make money online’.

Well, though I am not a beginner, I still don’t ignore anything with the hope that I can always pickup something valuable from everything.

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