Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Excellent online community for webmasters and bloggers.

If you have a website, you need to be a member at Social Marketing Central!

But why?

Come on, you can’t ask such a question! Don’t you want visitors to your website/blog?

How Social Marketing central can help me?

There are 1390 members in it. In fact I am the 1390th member. Like and, this is a community of webmasters and blog masters. I hope you realize the value of these online communities-a buzzing place of activities like exchanging views, sharing ideas, uploading photos and videos etc.

There are groups to join and contribute and be benefited. At present I have joined these groups:

Lets Talk Commenters Group.

This is a group for you to post links to recent posts for review and comments from other group members -- when they find your posts of interest. There are no "rules". Just post interesting content links, and comment when you have something to say.

Wordpress Central:

If you use WordPress to manage your blog, this group is for you! Get tips, tricks, and free WordPress support from the Internet Genius!

RSS Feed Central:

Want more RSS Subscribers? Post your blog name and RSS feed URL here and even exchange subscriptions

Mashable Group:

Fan of You should be. It's only the largest social site for social marketing addicts on the web with over 5 million visits per month. Help build your social authority by becoming a member of the Mashable Group

Wagg it Group:

Wagg your tail with other Wagg'ers. Digg with a Bite.

There are many more groups like you see then in You can also create your own group.


There is a forum to view discussion and participate by asking questions and answer others’ questions.

You are given your own page just like this one:

Oh, I am sorry, not just like this one but you are allowed to customize it. They offer you several themes to try and choose.

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