Saturday, July 19, 2008

Have you visited this pearl paradise?

I belong to a community of traditional pearl lovers and we attach great significance to the type of pearls we wear. We don’t buy pearls off the shelves of jewelry shop.

Our jeweler (though I would not term it in the usual sense) is introduced to our family by our ancestors. I would call him as collector of rare pearls and he will not concern himself with anything else but pearls.

I remember rejecting a string of rare Tahitian pearls long before just because they were black in color as it is against our belief to wear black gems.

Our jeweler was disappointed with me. He explained that those glorious pearls are mainly grown in the clear, warm waters of French Polynesia, in the large black-lip oysters named Pinctada Margaritifera. Each Tahitian pearl is very unique and does not resemble any other.

No, I was not interested. But I did help him sell the Tahitian pearls to my close friend as she was the only person that could afford it at that time.

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