Saturday, August 16, 2008

Free cartoons to your blog.

I have used funny pictures in some of my blog posts. But I spent a lot of time to search for proper picture that expresses the topic of the blog post.

At times, I stumbled upon paid cartoon sites which of course I had to avoid. One or two cartoon sites insisted on getting permissions from them before using their funny pictures. I did write to them seeking permission but never received a reply.

Now, here is a chance to use free cartoons for non-commercial use.
This offer came from a fellow member of blog catalog-Past Expiry

I quote his offer:
"Free for personal and not-for-profit (non-commercial) use only for web sites and other online and off-line purposes.

Commercial users, both online and off-line, please contact us for terms before using any of these images.

All users are encouraged to provide a linkback or credit to Past Expiry Cartoon© on their web sites or other materials.

The cartoon galleries can be found at:

Make use of the funny pictures, spread this blog post and don't fail to thank the blogger of that blog post.

A sample cartoon below:

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