Friday, September 19, 2008

Assured ways to promote your blog posts.

I am probably one of the discreet fanatics to search for and compile ways to promote blog posts.
I also never fail to subscribe to such sources from which I learn blog promotion ideas, blog tools and tips and in fact anything and everything to do with blogging.

I am a passionate blogger; I have created so far more than 3000 posts since 2005. I know many bloggers regularly visit this blog but only a small percentage of them have subscribed to this blog's feed.

I read the blog post titled, "13 ways to promote..." by the famous Darren Rowse. He is simply amazing and can be looked upon as Godfather of all bloggers. I rank him along Pete Cashmore and John Chow. And Etienne Teo is also fast rising in popularity and his contents are simply superb.

Out of the 13 ways shown by Darren Rowse, I realize I am following only about a dozen ways that every blogger does and so far never explored other ways such as an ad campaign in stumbleupon, press releases, mainstream media pitch etc.
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